The idea for the project HEIMSTÄRKE arised in 2015 and was initiated by Anpfiff ins Leben e.V. and SAP. SAP had already offered diverse kinds of support to refugees back then because of the raising amounts of arriving refugees, both in the countries of origin of the refugees in Africa and the Middle East, on the routes of migration, e.g. in the Balkan States, and in the arrival countries, for example here in Germany. Because of the enthusiasm for sport and especially soccer of the refugees, it was obvious to create a soccer project, for which the big local soccer clubs, namely TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, SV Sandhausen and FC-Astoria Walldorf could be enlisted, that are contributing their competences and infrastructural resources to the project -> Project Partner


So now there are offered soccer practice sessions on the artificial grass pitches of our partner clubs in Hoffenheim, Sandhausen und Walldorf in the context of HEIMSTÄRKE. In addition to the aspects of sport and fun especially learning the German language is emphasized in order to improving communication skills on the pitch. Therefor, the participants meet in a seminar room first and study soccer German before kicking the ball on the pitches. The concept of the language sessions is teaching fundamental soccer terms of the field, formations, tactics, flowery phrases like "das Runde muss ins Eckige" or "ein Spiel dauert 90 Minuten", as well as talking about soccer and current soccer events in general. Thereby, the principles of the German grammar are practiced and a vocabulary is created, that is facilitating the integration of refugees in the teams of local soccer clubs in the area and furthermore into society in general.


At all three locations we have established one project group, each with 16 refugees from local refugee camps, whose countries of origin are Afghanistan, Eritrea, Gambia, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, Syria and Togo, so that there is already a high interculturality within the participants group. The project groups are complemented with locals, who are working at the project partners or living in the area, whereby the integrative effect of HEIMSTÄRKE is increased as well as friendships and fellowships can emerge from the project.


Soccer at HEIMSTÄRKE is geared to the football3-method that has been developed by streetfootballworld. This method does not only lead to more communication before, during and after a soccer game, but it also foregrounds fair play by giving extra points to the team, that is sticking more to the rules both teams agreed upon before the match.


HEIMSTÄRKE is not only about giving joy and alternation to the monotonous daily routine in the refugee camps, but especially about learning German, getting in touch with locals and maybe finding a low-treshold job opportunity. These are just a few of the factors of success, that are analysed by the Center of European Economic Research (ZEW), which is academically accompanying this project -> Scientific Monitoring